Benefits of Robotic Parking

Conveyor Autonomous Parking Solutions Automated Parking Garages

An automated parking garage can be utilized for a variety of large outfits from residential apartment complexes to large corporations. There are many different risks associated with regular parking garages. Employees can find themselves running late, cars can get dirty or damaged, and they can be a haven for criminal activity after hours. Fortunately, Unitronics Parking can provide the car parking solutions your building needs.

One of the many benefits of robotic parking is that it can save you an immense amount of space, up to 60 percent! This incredible space saving benefit can allow you to fit more cars while leaving room for other, more profitable uses. That can be anything from adding on more apartments, hotel rooms, or additional meeting rooms and workspace.

Another benefit of robotic parking is exceptional vehicle security. Since our garages are completely sealed off, it’s as if you’re storing your car in a bank fault rather than a parking space. The driver takes the keys and is the last person to touch the vehicle before our robotic system places it into the assigned parking space, which means your belongings and car itself will remain safe the entire time you’re away.

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