Our Benefits

Autonomous parking can meet your parking requirements using only 30 to 50 percent of your current volume

Save space by eliminating the need for ramps, driveways, and personnel access to the parking areas



 Allows savings in volume while still meeting your parking requirements


No valet – driver maintains keys


 Reduce fuel consumption, less Co2 emissions


Reduce claims and premiums


Reduce or eliminate excavation, accelerating completion schedule


Reduce heating and lighting expenses

Unitronics Optimizes
Parking Capacity

Allows savings in volume
while still meeting your
parking requirements
Building showing space saved with Unitronics automated parking solution

Reduce space / Increase Density – no space required for opening doors

Reduce Vertical Height – height determined by vehicle

Eliminate footprint for ramps and turning radius – linear autonomous parking process

Developer/Owner Benefits

Unitronics Autonomous Parking Solutions optimize real estate by improving your development value through:

Increasing valuable revenue generating space


Reducing development costs


Decreasing operational costs, e.g. utilities, insurance, and personnel

Accelerated depreciation

Accelerated depreciation

Unitronics Autonomous Parking Solutions – save space while
maximizing your profits

Savings are achieved through:

  • Reduced excavation requirements and construction materials
  • Reduced construction schedule
  • Reduced parking footprint that achieves the same parking capacity
  • Optimizing real estate and increasing revenue

Operator Benefits

Energy Cost Savings → Reduced lighting and ventilation requirements

Personnel Cost Savings → Elimination of valets parking cars within the garage

Insurance Premium Savings → Parking structure is an unoccupied space

Maintenance Cost Savings → Reduction in overall maintenance/repair costs

Prolong Replacement Costs → Increase in useful life of system

Architects Benefits

  • Full design flexibility
  • Parking Design is seamless with the building design
  • Reduced footprint allows for improved functionality and building flow 

Sustainability Benefits

  • Significantly reduce vehicle emissions and fuel use
  • Reduce carbon footprint due to lower power consumption
  • Smaller footprint yields less building materials
Unitronics automated parking solutions are good for the environment

Driver Benefits & Safety

  • Driver maintains keys, vehicle contents secure
  • No parking related damage such as scrapes and dents
  • Vehicle delivered to central waiting area, improving safety
  • Eliminates car theft, break-ins, and assaults

Service & Support

Proper service, maintenance, and support are key to the long-term success of
your autonomous parking solution. Unitronics prides itself in maintaining the
highest levels of customer support

Unitronics 24/7/365 services include:

  •  Mechanical and electrical components
  • Control and software systems
  • Secure remote access
  • On-site, on-call visitations
  • Preventive and periodic maintenance

Benefits of Our Automated Parking

You can save valuable space by reducing parking volume and maximizing capacity through minimizing the space between cars, clearing heights, and eliminating the ramps needed in conventional structured parking. At Unitronics, we provide exceptional creative car park solutions for residential complexes, offices, municipal parking, and other frequently populated buildings. Our turn-key solutions will optimize your parking capacity so that you’ll save in a variety of ways. Unitronics parking solutions will help you save on everything from space and development expenses to material and utility costs.

Developers and owners will find that through our parking solutions, they can increase valuable revenue generating space and accelerate depreciation by installing an automated parking garage. Operators will also benefit from a variety of cost savings including energy costs, insurance premiums, maintenance, and personnel.

One of the greatest things about our creative car park solutions is that they are much more beneficial to the environment than a standard parking garage. Rather than a structure being filled with fumes, dirt, and debris, our autonomous parking garages impact will be significantly less, as the car is turned off before entering the garage and people are not present, greatly reducing the need for heat and lighting.

For more information on how automated parking can benefit your structure, contact Unitronics today at 201-592-1444.