Increase Revenue with Parking Automation

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If you’re looking to increase revenue with your business, investing in parking automation technology could be just what you need. Hospitals, major corporations, and other highly frequented buildings tend to leave their employees and guests fighting for viable parking. With an automated parking garage, all of the hassle and headaches drivers experience when searching for a safe and convenient parking space can be eliminated.

Robotic parking garages allow the developer to generate more revenue by allotting more space for functional designs. Rather than factoring in a certain amount of space for the parking lot, it can be utilized as more desks, rooms, or movie theaters. Some properties will even go underdeveloped because that is not enough parking spaces available for their capacity needs.

Unitronics has the solution, and it’s parking automation! Automated parking systems can reduce the required parking land area by 50% or allowing twice the amount of cars to be parked. This increases property value tremendously, lowers development costs, and lowers overall operations costs for the developer and building owner.

If you’re interested in learning more about how parking automation can benefit your business, give Unitronics a call today at (201) 592-1444.